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Products currently under development are:

Real World IT Project Management

Get past the buzz words and corporate politics to understand how to deliver on your IT projects.  Find the real problem and use our method to work effectively through most corporate environments.  Our framework supports using Agile/Scrum, XP, Six Sigma, Lean, and whatever other tools are mandated by your organization.  Make whatever PowerPoint charts are required by your manager – and deliver results despite all that noise!

Business Data Inventory

This isn’t software, but a step by step guide to walk you through an inventory of your customer data.  Understand what you are recording, how you are using it, and opportunities to improve your customer service while reducing administrative work.  Most small business owners don’t start a business because they want to fill out forms or do paperwork all day.  You enjoyed auto repair, or cooking, or home repair – spend your time practicing your craft – make your data collection fast and efficient.    There are many productivity tools available for small businesses, but they make assumptions that you NEED to collect large amounts of data.  Focus on what is important.  Sign up below to get updates on this product.

Portfolio Builder

Automate the collection of pictures, papers, test results, and everything else you need for successful home schooling without extra work.  Use a smart phone or tablet to build and organize a database for the entire school year.  Not just for home schooling!  Think of the mountains of paperwork your child brings home every week in their backpack.  You feel guilty throwing it away- but what to keep?  Portfolio Builder will help you categorize by child, year, subject and more.   Share snapshots of accomplishments with grandparents or long-distance family.   Great opportunity to get in early and make sure your features get added!  Sign up below to get updates on this product.

RV Setup Helper

Is Mom the only one that remembers the correct order for deploying the RV?  Which storage cabinets contain the right supplies?  This mobile helper allows the entire family to pitch in, and still get things done in the right sequence.  It’s a mobile checklist with the ability to add photos and videos of your specific RV!   Next time you set up and tear down, build your list, record videos directly into the App, and have a guide to ensure it is done right every time.

Are you a new RV owner?  Take the App with you when your dealer does your walk-through!  Avoid new-camper struggles.  We’ve all been there – the entire campground watching as you open and close doors, trying to figure out what to do next.  Let us help!  Sign up below to get updates on this product.


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