What’s in a Name?

clean-sea-coast-and-clear-water-website-headerBright Beach Consulting.  An interesting choice – especially for an Ohio based company.  Certainly our team loves (and longs to escape to) beaches and sunshine.  That’s a bonus reason for the name.   It actually conveys some imagery that is important to understand when helping others understand the interaction of data.

Think of standing on a beach.  An immense system beginning with the interaction of the moon’s orbit to the ocean.  An immeasurable number of grains of sand – some static, some washing through the waves – all representing the variation in a dynamic system.  The ultimate data set.

Imagine the sun shining brightly (as if it could shine any other way).  Illuminating the sand.  Letting us see through the shallow water, and far off reflections even giving hints of larger aspects of the system.

Consulting.  We think of this in the original usage.  You are doing the consulting – asking for guidance.  We are providing council.  Answers.  Helpful information.  Bright Beach Council sounds bit more like a sand volleyball league, so here we are: Bright Beach Consulting.

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